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You are: a tourist, heritage and historical site, a private or public operator, a cultural company or a local community...

Driven by innovation in the cultural and heritage fields, today I propose to support you in all your innovative projects, from design to operations. During the 3 support phases, we will define your project, its relevance for the market, CAPEX and OPEX.


Definition phase of your cultural project

You have a project, an idea that is close to your heart  ? I participate with you in your brainstorming sessions  to find THE good idea that will then be implemented. Immersive Exhibitions, Live Show, heritage enhancement...with my network of experts, artists, technicians, we will accompany you to define your project.


Strategic implementation phase of your project

We found the right idea? You have to test it. The strategic implementation phase will allow you to define the concrete "production" of your project according to your ROI objectives,   investment and operating budgets.


Operation and marketing consulting phase

Once your project has been developed, we will define together the best marketing strategy until the launch. I will support you in the organization and structuring of your teams, the launch strategy and operating operations.

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